Llama Games & Puzzles


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Some fun and challenging games all relating to llamas. Have Fun!

-Quiz Bowl

Cappy did pretty good! What's your high score?
-Advanced Quiz Bowl
For the experienced 4-H'er and llama owner. Give it a try!
-Cappy's Jigsaws
An assortment of jigsaws & styles. Try "Cappy's Advanced Challenge" too !
- Concentration
Match all the items you'll find around the barn to reveal Cappy's mystery picture.
-Llama Word Search
How many words relating to llamas and alpacas can you find in this puzzle?
-Llama Maze
Herd the llamas back to the barn.
-Cria Puzzle
What in the world is a cria?
-Connect The Dots
Who is looking out the window?


What's easy for a young male llama to get into and hard to get out of?

Why did the llama chase the chickens out of his pasture?
Because they were using foul language!

Why was the little white lamb afraid to talk to the llama?
Because he was so baaaaaashful.

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If you would like to learn more about llamas or see the other members of my herd, be sure to
check out the Shagbark Ridge Llamas site. It has lots of pictures and information.

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