Choose Your Puzzle By Clicking On The Photo.

Work the puzzle in the style as it comes up.
Or select an easier or harder style of your choice by clicking on the "Change Cut" button at the left.
If you think you're really good, select Cappy's Challenge at the top of each puzzle!

Move pieces by selecting and dragging with your mouse.
Pieces do not need to be rotated sideways. They are already in the correct position.
Pieces will join together and not come apart if the position is correct.
A piece will come to the top when you click on it.
 If you think a piece is missing, it may be underneath. Click on "shuffle".
 Working the puzzles requires java technology on your computer and enabled on your browser.


It's Me, Cappy! puzzle on
It's Me, Cappy!

max2-72 puzzle on
My Name is Max

Mom & Cria

Grazing puzzle on





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