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We have new crias coming in the spring and fall of 2021 and also may have a few yearling males and
females available at that time.  Please check back again for availability.


Silver Moon Afterglow  (Honey)

Silver Moon Afterglow

DOB 3-26-2001
Kantu P5 x Silver Moon Aglitter


     This beautiful honey colored female is in good health, has strong pasterns and a smooth gait, and is from excellent breeding lines.  What great names to remember in her pedigree! 

  Asking Price - $800.00


Photos April, 2021


Video of Honey


Kantu P5


Estella Brillante (Stella)

Trained Bred Female

Two in One Package!

Due May 31, 2021



PVL Shining KnightPVL Chilean Surreal

Has Obstacle & Showmanship Training

Thank you Amber Brooke Brinley Hughes!


     Stella, turning four years old this summer, is a nice trained, young pregnant female.  This will be her first cria.  She is bred to MSF Granite and we anticipate a colorful offspring with excellent conformation!   Her dam had easy birthing experiences, was a great mother, and always had lots of milk for her offspring.  

This beautiful redhead is tall, has nice conformation and a nice neck extension.  We love her pretty feminine face and hooked ear set!

Stella has had training in obstacle classes and showmanship in our 4-H project.  She's ready to join you in the show ring or just as happy to remain on your farm as a breeding female and companion animal. 

Asking Price - $3500.00


Stella as a cria.

These two photos are very recent, 3-12-21, and "as is" for Indiana spring weather - a lot of rain and mud.  However, even dirty, Stella exhibits her nice height, a lot of stretch, good balance, great ear set, and correct spacing of feet. 

Sire & Dam

MSF Granite - Reserve Grand Champion

PVL Chilean Surreal


Dirty Little Secret (Ditto)

Trained Young Male



AAL Canadian BluesSHAG Cid's Secret

Has Obstacle & Showmanship Training

To be gelded when two years of age

Ditto is a nice young trained male with a gentle personality.  His dense and fine dark chocolate fiber is a good quality for wool projects.  Although growing his coat out for the winter in these photos, he looks slim and trim with a new summer haircut. 

He's had show experience and has training in obstacle classes and showmanship.  Ditto has participated in our 4-H Club and is ready to join another.  Or he'll settle just to be a companion on your farm and be spoiled, taken for walks, and have lots of llama hugs. 

Asking Price - $700.00


Sire & Dam

AAL Canadian Blues

SHAG Cid's Secret


Psada Tanya

Tanya    Photo 9-20-18

3 in 1 Package
A bred female with female at side!

Psada Tanya


Argentine Otono (ET)  x  CCF Tanya

     A 3 in 1 Package!  1/2 Argentine!  Tanya, a nice heavy-wool bred female and her female cria born in June, 2018!

Tanya is tall, has good Argentine structure with a beautiful feminine face,  great hooked ears, a wonderful calm personality, and is also trained in performance!  Heavy wooled, she is white with some creamy markings.  Full Argentine on her sire's side, her dam's side goes back to MCF Etol and Crazy Mountain Man!

She is now bred to MSF Granite, a brown & white paint, and is due in June, 2019.  Maybe a triple female package!

She has a very nice dark female cria by MSF Granite at her side who was born June 23, 2018.  The cria has good weight gains, exhibits good conformation, and is full of energy.   This was Tanya's first cria, all was a normal birth, she had plenty of milk, and she breeds easily.  Tanya is a great foundation female for your herd.     

Taliana - Female Cria born June 23, 2018            Photos at Birth

Photo September 20, 2018

Photo September 20, 2018

Tanya & female cria.          Photo September 20, 2018
Pesada Tanya

PVL Georgia's Sweetheart

PVL Georgia's Sweetheart

Silky Suri Female

DOB  8-12-15

PVL Shining Knight x PVL Georgia On My Mind

Ready To Breed


Georgia has beautiful muted colors of red and cream and gorgeous tight locks in her suri fiber.  She's had a lot of performance experience and has earned award certificates in the ILR Show award program.  With a nice personality, Georgia's Sweetheart is of medium height, but her full sisters in the Pleasure Valley breeding program were tall.  She's ready to breed at any time.

Georgia's Sweetheart              Photo 9-20-18


Corduroy Blues

Corduroy Blues

Juvenile Male

DOB  10-22-17

AAL Canadian Blues x CVL Persian Dymond

Roy is a flashy paint ready for a 4-H program, to be a show animal, or to be a companion male.  He has one year experience in our 4-H program and has nice performance skills for his age.  Being the first birth from Persian Dymond, Roy got off to a little slow start, but he's catching up rapidly.  He's got nice size, flashy markings, long hooked ears, and nice conformation!   Photos from birth.  Asking price, $600.


Roy          Photo 9-20-18

Roy              Photo 9-20-18
Wool is lacking on lower legs because he's been
standing in the creek this summer to cool off. 
The wool will grow back this winter.

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