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Over The Years


ALSA Grand National Show 2002

"This is ftom the ALSA Grand Nationals in 2002. We did well and had a blast!.  We went all the way to Lincoln, Nebraska. Ryan placed 9th in Showmanship, 6th in obstacle and 4th in Non-Breeder Halter. Katie earned a 7th in Showmanship and a 10th in Youth Judging. Janna placed 2nd in Obstacle and 9th in Pack Obstacle. Casey earned a 7th in Obstacle.  Casey and Katie's llamas, Double Delite and Double Jeopardy, won a 9th in Produce of Dam."

Janna Watson, Katie Vollmer, Casey McGuire, & Ryan Essington


2003  Sledding At Shagbark Ridge Llama Farm


2004  End of Year Party at Noelle Tharp Taylor's

2004  Fun In The Fall at Shagbark

Katie Vollmer de-sensitizes Encore while Izzie looks on intently.

Erin Vollmer, Haley Widmeyer, & Janna Watson.  Jack too.

2004 Llama Trekker Christmas Party at Shagbark

2004 Great Lakes ALSA Regional Show, Jefferson, Wisconsin

Our Llama Trekker Group:  Katie Vollmer, Jana Watson, Emaly Leak, 
Erin Vollmer, Shelby Swain, Haley Widmeyer,  Meagan Cyrus

Janna Watson & Lexus:  Reserve Performance Champion, 4th Place Showmanship, 3rd Place Youth Judging

Haley Widmeyer & Tiffany:  1st Place Showmanship

Erin Vollmer & Abstract:  2nd Place Youth Judging

Meagan Cyrus & Zydeco:  Reserve Performance Champion, 4th Place Showmanship, 3rd Place Halter

Shelby Swain & Joker:  3rd Place Youth Judging 

Emily Leak & Charity

Katie Vollmer & Double Jeopardy

2007  Llama Trekkers at Indy Open Show

2008 4-H Fair Time


Jessica Adair & Holly Farrell

Abbey Dugger & Madelyn McConkey

Llama Trekkers 2008

Shelby Baker

Marisa Martinez, Hannah Allaben & Katie Morris

Laura Allaben with Double Delite

Erin Vollmer with Abstract

Meagan Cyrus & Mocha

Jessie Gardner & Reina

Jackie O

Hannah Davis & Mocha

Senior Performance Champions:
Meagan Cyrus & Mocha - Jennifer Franks & Mask

Intermediate Masters Performance Champions: 
Stephanie Foerder & Double Date- Zoe Schwab & Safari

Intermediate Advanced Performance Champions:
Michelle Gohr  -  Chelsea Bays & Mimosa

Intermediate Novice Performance Champions:
Lauren Gibson & Sis  -  Julie Goodwin & Duplikatie 

Beginner Masters Performance Champions:
Caitlyn Moss & Sylk Slippers - Katie Goodyear & Izzit

Beginner Novice Performance Champions:
 Kelsey Morris & Chocolate Delight  - Abbey Dugger & Jackie O

2009 Wool Day

Julie Goodwin, Kaley Orr, & Olivia Leech

Madelyn McConkey & Brittney Lawhorn

Ollivia Leech & Caitlyn Ballas

Kelsey Morris,       , & Kate McConkey

Kate McConkey, Sarah McConkey,
Madelyn McConkey, & Brittney Lawhorn

Lauren Sawyer,       , & Madelyn McConkey

2009 Fun Games at Meetings


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