Emergency Cria Warming

At birth, take a newborn cria's temperature to assure that it is normal. A low body temperature will not allow the cria to absorb the nutrients from the colostrum. Or if a cria is found in the winter, even though it may seem lifeless and frozen, many attempts at warming up the newborn have been successful and life and breathing is observed when the cria is warmed up.

Cria Warming

The fastest way to bring the body temperature up is to put the cria into a large plastic garbage bag - leaving the head out of course. Fill your sink with very warm water and submerge the cria into the warm bath. The protective plastic bag will keep the cria from getting wet or from a possible infection through the umbilicus.

Cria Warming

Allow the cria to remain in the hot water bath until the internal body temperature is up to normal. This may take 30 minutes or more and the water may need to be re-warmed.

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